Thrashin Thursdays, Vol. II

-Is it skate OR die or skate AND die?

Farrah Fawcett


Coincidence? I think not. It is the SAME EXACT SKATEBOARD. Cursed or conspiracy? Who's next?

-A weird chapter in skateboard history-

Caught Clean is a skateboarding video. It is also a juggling video. At times, it is a skateboarding and juggling video. At other times it is a juggling flaming torches while kickflipping on a bank video. Laban Pheidias directs his way to inventing a new sport combining skating and juggling. We like to call it, "skuggling".

-Interesting blog (company? art collective?) about art/high concept/gimmicky skateboards and skate related paraphenalia.
No Good skate blog

-Remember that spot in the Alcatraz level in THPS 4, right by where you have to jump onto the target thing in the water with bam? Here's the real deal.

-Ever wondered what it would be like to be a skateboard truck? find out HERE. A trucks eye view of a hot lil sesh

-The Tech Deck type toy of the future. Yeah, I want one. So what?

-Got some time to kill? Watch Mall Grab. It's great. I want to party with these dudes.

MALL GRAB from Daniel Evans on Vimeo.

-Tony Hawk skating in the White House

This was actually shot mid way through a game of skate. Obama won. Obv.

And I leave you with a classic skate part from one of the finest skateboard productions ever out to vhs. Louie Barletta in Man Down. Possibly the greatest video part of our generation.

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