The new blu

This dude rules.

Here's his last video piece.

Check out more work at his site HERE
Blu goes big. Check him out.

If you are into this sort of stuff check out Wooster Collective. Pretty easily the best street art blog/site around.
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Skate Witches

Meet the Skate Witches

Fuck yeah.

Halloweens coming up ladies, do it.
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Also this

tell em yeezy.

Way more interupting kanye laffs HERE
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IT'S ON...

-Grenade is ON a boat.

-Louie "Sheckler in training" Vito is ON Dancing with the stars

(with kelly osborn, chuck liddell and sabrina the teenage witch no less)

-This cover of black betty by Nick Cave as featured in the intro of "Baker Has a Deathwish" is ON my list of most awesome song covers of all time.

WARNING- Adderall fueled gibberish ahead. Proceed with caution.

What's truly remarkable about this piece, is the manner in which the sharp percussive clanks, grinds and smacks of the skating and assorted other backround ambiance and voices in the video intermingle so seamlessly with the song, elevating the whole to a level far greater then the sum of its parts. This metaphorical yin and yang, combined with the rapid fire visual assault of incongruous and nonlinear imagery creates an unexpected and brilliant audiovisual synergy. From chaos, comes a strange cohesiveness. A masterful juxtuposition of seemingly unrelated music and imagery if ever there was one. The savage grunting and howling in conjunction with the strange ritualistic and violent outbursts of movement and self expression on behalf of the baker clan, paired with the tribal drumming and chanting of the song conjures thoughts of pre hominid man, performing crazed primitive dances and thrashing around wildly in attempts to earn the favor of savage and brutal ancient gods.

-Somebody needs to put this bear ON a skateboard.

"SNOWMASS, Colo. - A bear that wandered into an in-ground skateboard park and got stuck was rescued when officials lowered a ladder so it could climb out."

I really hope that some local gnardog skate rats rolled up on the scene first, shotgunned a few, ripped a few lines through the bowl while being chased by the bear, then after a few close calls, called it a day and informed the proper authorities. I'm waiting on the footy.
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Everything about this rules.

Go big or go home
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Foto Friday

I just got around to putting a bunch of random pics from hangin in NY last weekend online so why not throw some of em up on this ol' blog right here? Don't judge me. Click on pics for uncropped version. All the good stuff got cropped out in formatting. Fuck you very much blogspot.

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