Round 1 HERE

Snowboarders on DRUGS!! HERE

MORE Snowboarders on DRUGS! PROOF!!!

Now pass that shit to the left and watch this-
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4 way off genre but awesome covers of metal songs (and one shitty one)

-Enter Sandman, easy listening smooooth jazz style. With original vocals and concert footage.
(Hang in there 'til the vocals kick in)

-Rad chicks doin an acoustic danzig cover
(Devil Plaything)

-Reggae style Detroit Rock City. Suprisingly well done. Also with original vocals and concert footage.

-8 bit raining blood. Slayer VS nintendo.

-Sabbatum (not to be confused with fucking awesome power metal band Sabaton), a band that has a whole album of Black Sabbath covers played on medieval instruments and sung in Latin. It sucks.

Johnny Cash doing Danzig, and yes I know he covered "hurt" from NIN also but they suck so fuck them. He owns that shit now.

Tune in next week for awesome metal covers of way not metal songs.

ACDC old school jazz style "She Shook Me All Night Long"

War Pigs, by the flaming lips and cat power

Flaming Lips (ft. Cat Power) - War pigs
Uploaded by baltanar. - Explore more music videos.
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Keeping skateboarding green

Introducing the DVS "Grindtainer"

Nobel prize material right here.
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Pretty rad vintagy skateboard art show. Good gallery
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Lil' Biggie

Biggie at 17-
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Get Stoked

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Two Awesome Things That Nike Did:

"...In celebration of James Stewart's recent 2009 AMA World Championship, Nike 6.0 commissioned garage punk rockers The Black Lips to record an exclusive cover of the classic Willie Nelson song "Mammas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys."

Nike builds perfect scale replica of Burlington's own infamous BHS rail at their brilliant "greatest hits" park at Mt Seymore. Jump to around 37 seconds in to check it out.
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Choose your own adventure, movie style

This has some potential-
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Just in time for summer-

Get your camp on, coolguy style. Still waiting on the pbr fishing rods and lures and PBR scented tiki torches.
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White Scream

Bonus skate horror film-

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Bidding has ended.

Vintage Black Flag T shirt sells for $707.50 on ebay. Good on 'em.

"My name is Chuck Dukowski. I was the original Black Flag bassist and an SST Records owner until the end of 1989. I'm selling a bunch of my Records and music related memorabilia. This is a super rare BLACK FLAG "IN MY HEAD" COP tour t-shirt from 1986. It features the "'86 TOUR IN MY HEAD" back print and one of the 4 classic Ray Pettibon album art graphics on the front. (After the tour the back print was eliminated from the regular IN MY HEAD T-shirt sold by SST) The shirt is in very good condition but it's not new. The tag says it's an XL 100% cotton Hanes garment."

When I am an eccentric billionaire, this is the kind of shit I will buy.
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