More fun on the way. I swear.
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Mullen 2.0

This dude pretty much picks up where mullen left off. Take a peek-
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Ladies and Gentleman, Your attention please:

The first ever landed triple cork. Something tells me this won't be the last.

The Triple Cork from torstein horgmo on Vimeo.

And the reaction from the scientistz at helgasons-

Practicing triple corks from www.helgasons.com on Vimeo.

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Do drugs get pussy

OK ok, enough videos and slacking. Real shit coming soon. In the meantime, check out the Illicit Snowboarding blog for some lulz and listen to the new trouble gang mixtape till your head bleeds. (free download included)
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An Angel (demon? elf?) is missing indeed. What, didn't you know about dio's start as an olde timey doo-wopper? He will continue to look up after all of us from the deepest bowels of hell, where he was just voted into office.
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Slayer goes to church

This works way too well.

Turns out satan and jesus make people dance the same way. Who woulda thunkit.
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Check out the new ipad "skateboard" app-

This thing really can't do anything right. What a piece of crap.
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2videos with 2pac.

Class is in session-
(Jump to around 1 minute in)

Possibly the single most street cred establishing commercial for a brand in history-
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This melted my frozen black heart a little bit-

too fucking cute.
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Your favorite TV shows, porn style.

Curb your enthusiasm- porn version

The Office- porn version

Seinfeld- porn version

Big Lebowski- porn version

That 70's show- porn version

Old Batman tv show- porn version

Still waiting on 30 rock, mythbusters and always sunny.
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Happy 420

Introducing the Shred City DANGERVISION MIXTAPE Vol. 1-

Also, a fresh crop of holiday themed posts on the PHLOG. Check it out maaaaaan



We all knew his steez.

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What's cooler then taking snowboards to the streets?

Taking skateboards to the slopes.

Half Time Show - Shakedown 2010 from dan mathieu on Vimeo.

Fucking rad.
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This video is like a ray of sunshine.

This dog rips. Check the boardslide, hippie jump, and micromegaramp gap. Serious.

Bonus shred monkey type animal-
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Misty flip over a charging bull.

That is all.
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Takin it to the streetz

Wakeboarders are steppin

Sorry dear readers for all the lazy ass video links but I got some good shit in the works behind the scenes. Stay tuned
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Is it wrong to want a screensaver of this?
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Round 1 HERE

Snowboarders on DRUGS!! HERE

MORE Snowboarders on DRUGS! PROOF!!!

Now pass that shit to the left and watch this-
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4 way off genre but awesome covers of metal songs (and one shitty one)

-Enter Sandman, easy listening smooooth jazz style. With original vocals and concert footage.
(Hang in there 'til the vocals kick in)

-Rad chicks doin an acoustic danzig cover
(Devil Plaything)

-Reggae style Detroit Rock City. Suprisingly well done. Also with original vocals and concert footage.

-8 bit raining blood. Slayer VS nintendo.

-Sabbatum (not to be confused with fucking awesome power metal band Sabaton), a band that has a whole album of Black Sabbath covers played on medieval instruments and sung in Latin. It sucks.

Johnny Cash doing Danzig, and yes I know he covered "hurt" from NIN also but they suck so fuck them. He owns that shit now.

Tune in next week for awesome metal covers of way not metal songs.

ACDC old school jazz style "She Shook Me All Night Long"

War Pigs, by the flaming lips and cat power

Flaming Lips (ft. Cat Power) - War pigs
Uploaded by baltanar. - Explore more music videos.
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Keeping skateboarding green

Introducing the DVS "Grindtainer"

Nobel prize material right here.
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Pretty rad vintagy skateboard art show. Good gallery
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Lil' Biggie

Biggie at 17-
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Get Stoked

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Two Awesome Things That Nike Did:

"...In celebration of James Stewart's recent 2009 AMA World Championship, Nike 6.0 commissioned garage punk rockers The Black Lips to record an exclusive cover of the classic Willie Nelson song "Mammas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys."

Nike builds perfect scale replica of Burlington's own infamous BHS rail at their brilliant "greatest hits" park at Mt Seymore. Jump to around 37 seconds in to check it out.
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Choose your own adventure, movie style

This has some potential-
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Just in time for summer-

Get your camp on, coolguy style. Still waiting on the pbr fishing rods and lures and PBR scented tiki torches.
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White Scream

Bonus skate horror film-

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Bidding has ended.

Vintage Black Flag T shirt sells for $707.50 on ebay. Good on 'em.

"My name is Chuck Dukowski. I was the original Black Flag bassist and an SST Records owner until the end of 1989. I'm selling a bunch of my Records and music related memorabilia. This is a super rare BLACK FLAG "IN MY HEAD" COP tour t-shirt from 1986. It features the "'86 TOUR IN MY HEAD" back print and one of the 4 classic Ray Pettibon album art graphics on the front. (After the tour the back print was eliminated from the regular IN MY HEAD T-shirt sold by SST) The shirt is in very good condition but it's not new. The tag says it's an XL 100% cotton Hanes garment."

When I am an eccentric billionaire, this is the kind of shit I will buy.
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Knuckle draggin' buffet

The 3 best things I saw in the olympics-
1. Bud Keene, droppin' an f-bomb at what I would believe to be the most widely viewed 2 minute period of television in the entire world within the last 4 years.

2. Kazu's mctwist.

Not that one dummy.

Not that one either actually. Couldn't find a clip of the olympic one so that's as close as I could get. If you saw it you know what I'm talking about.

3.This story:
"Japanese snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo has been excluded from the opening cermony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The 21 year-old triggered a storm of criticism from the Japanese public when he appeared at Tokyo's Narita Airport sporting dreadlocks and low-slung trousers... It did not help Kokubo's case when he made light of the incident and said the Games were "nothing special" and "just another snowboarding event." Terje would be proud. PS-Dude is still keepin it real.

oh yeah and I guess some ginger won.

Speaking of mixing "athletics" and snowboarding
Snowboard dunk contest

Laptop snowboard. Some things would be better off left as stoned doodles.

The flying tomato himself was on colbert

Snowboarder gets stuck on lift, has to burn cash to stay alive.
pretty much the same thing as buying a lift ticket. Except with buying a lift ticket, you have to burn cash to get on the lift, to keep your soul alive. Shaka bro.

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In case anyone doesn't know about this yet, some dj fellow by the name of Tom Caruana just put out a free album, mashing the Beatles with Wu-Tang. It is so many levels of awesome. Cop it HERE-

For a far more mediocre but somewhat listenable attempt at beatlemashing, check out The Grey Album. Jay Z's black album and the beatles white album, mashed by Danger Mouse.

If you somehow don't know about this yet, it is time.

This is my all time favorite mashup album. Old news, but I want to make sure everyone is on the same page here. Love this shit- Biggie and Sinatra, Blue Eyes meets Bedstuy. I swear to god this album never gets old. Do yourself a favor and get this shit into your ears asap. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that everyone has already heard all of these but I just wanted to put em all in one place for easy downloadin'. If you look around, there are a few more concept mashup albums, but most are not worth your precious time. If are bored enough, check out Gratefully D.E.A.D.(biggie and grateful dead), Jaydiohead (Radiohead and Jay Z), Viva la Hova (Jay Z and Coldplay. I didn't even waste my time with this shit. Just move on.), Beatallica(beatles and metallica mashup cover band) , The Slack Album (Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted x Jay Z) and of course, The Biggie Hendrix Experience (biggie and hendrix. duh.) I'm sure there are more out there but that is pretty much all i've heard about for full mashup concept albums.

And yeah, I know, your friend is a sweet DJ and does this awesome mashup song with linkin park and the jonas brothers, but my friend is better. Trust me. For some hot mashup fire, ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce Disc Jockey Extraordinaire, DJ ANUBUS. Check him out next time you are in brooklyn. Lots of freebies on his website too.


Feel free to let me know if I missed any.

Mos Def over dubstyle beats-

Beastie Boys mashed with... Beastie boys. Hmmm.-
Doublecheck Your Head
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