Metal Monday

Monkeys like Metallica. Sure why not.
"A group of cottontop tamarins were played a variety of music, including Bach, Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis, but they only reacted when heavy metal rock songs by Metallica were played."

-Speaking of Metallica, start saving those shekels-
"METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH AND ANTHRAX TO PERFORM TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY" I have no words. Epic doesn't begin to express how fucking awesome this is. Biblical perhaps. The 4 horsemen of the Metal Apocalypse. Fuck yeah.

-Lance Armstrong listens to Maiden. And twitters about it

-According to wikipedia, Jim Carrey is a big fan of Cannibal Corpse, and allegedly insisted that the band make a cameo appearance in Ace Ventura:Pet Detective

Remember that?

-If you were to make a Venn diagram of the people who listen to metal, and the people who play harp, you wouldn't expect to see a whole lot of people in the overlapping section outside of rhapsody/nightwish/fantasy metal nerds rocking out in their parents basements surrounded by posters of wizards and piles of pizza crusts and empty mountain dews. This dude is the exception to that rule.

Bad ass.

If you are into the oxymoron that is "harp metal", check out

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole of strange alchemy, take a gander at this curiosity

Seriously. They also have "lullibified" full albums of Pixies, Nirvana, Radiohead, and of course, Metallica.

-Not quite metal, but worth speaking upon: Flaming Lips to remake Dark Side of the Moon with Henry Rollins and Peaches? Did someone just put a list with a bunch of bands, artists and albums in a blender, pull out the first 4 things and decide to go with it?

-For anyone interested in all things black/death/grind/wiggerslam/porngrind/doom/postthrash/various obscure as fuck brootal metal genres and bands/etc, I highly recommend reading the Metal Inquisition blog. It reads something like a cross between the do's and don't's section of vice magazine and perez hilton. But metal as fuck. Hilarious.

-For more black metal evilness, check out the photography of the one and only Peter Beste- Amazing stuff documented from within the black heart of the beast.
True Norwegian Black Metal

Unfortunately, at the time of this post the extensive photo section of his website was down. Google image that shit. Follow that up with the accompanying documentary, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood VBS programming station.

-Before there was a little band called Motörhead, Lemmy was in a more old school Sabbath'y, Pentagram'y psychedelic pre-metal band called Sam Gopal. They put out one CD and it rules.

And yes, that is lemmy singing.

Ever heard of Glen Branca? Some people talk about playing guitar as comparable to making love to a beautiful woman. This is more like raping a crackwhore in a warzone.

In bummer news, Dio was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Let us worship and offer virginal sacrifice to the big horned guy downstairs to aid him in a speedy recover.

That's all for now. Go headbang or something.

Apologies to my legions of fans, stalkers, haters, babymommas and people who mistakenly get bounced here from random google searches, blogging has been slow lately but is expected to pick up. Stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the shred city phlog (photoblog)
Hail Satan.
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