Randumbs, Vol. 1

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Remember when punk was punk? Read the label on the tape.

Dream house

Portraits of the dead. Crazy article + pics.

Nightmares, in taxidermy form.

Some band releases new album with working theramin built into the case. So rad.

Best show ever?

sweet bong bro


Amstel Lite created a 10 person "Bar Bike". It rules.

Elvis's estate auction includes his doctors gun, semi full pillbottles, nasal douch, etc.

Remember mountainboarding?

Keep it on the downlow coolguy.

And in closing, I offer 210 of the greatest works of art ever put to skin. THIS is the tattoo hall of fame ladies and gentleman.
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The future of pants has arrived


The pants world as you know it will never be the same. But at over $500 a pair, I'm holding out for the Palin model-

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Some fixie shit

Eric Puckett Houston Fixed from Osker Koronado on Vimeo.

Insanity. Jump to about 2:30 in for some 2 girls 1 bike action.

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Thrashin Thursday Vol. 3

-Videos are starting to come in for the second annual Skate and Create and so far, it looks like its gonna be a doozy. First up is DVS with their submission, titled/themed "Wood". Truly dazzling.

If you have never heard of this series, I strongly recommend that you youtube "skate and create" and work your way through all of the entries from last years contest. It is one of the best things to happen to skateboarding since viva la bam went off the air.

-Crutchskate. If it were up to me, this would be called a cripflip to boardslide. Respect.

-Some next level dorkskating, courtesy of shred dudes Halldor and Eiki's collab blog

An excellent blog that also brought back some memories by digging up this gem

-One of the better installments of an excellent new series of new lakai commercials. Hilarious. Check out "Floating Camera" also.

-Skatebird. Sure why not.

-Thrasher mag was ripped by infamous rippers Urban Outfitters.

The OG thrasher one is on the top. But you already knew that right? A for effort guys. For more UO douchbaggery check out urban counterfeiters

-The year was 1978. 80's hair metal was about to rip out of the womb where it had been incubating in small clusters since the mid 70s. Dokken, Ratt, Whitesnake and probably a few more bands with ümlats and double consonants were born. Maiden had just recorded their first demo. Crüe was rising in popularity faster then the drug, swimming pool and vomit induced body count of their musical predicessors. And in Bloody olde England, people were fuckin' riding skateboards.

-On that note, I present the Skatar-

-Mullen still skates? Who knew. No offense but does anyone care?

And last but not least, check out the "Ollie Buster". Jump to around 1:34 to see how much this thing rules. And by rules, I mean sucks more shit then a metaphore for sucking shit that I can't even come up with.

Previous Thrashin Thursdays HERE and HERE or click THIS for more assorted skatery. Go skate.
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And the hits keep on coming...

East Coast rail monster Lucas Magoon suffered a traumatic head injury while skating, and is currently in "serious, but stable condition" in the ICU at Reno Health Hospital in Reno, Nevada. According to an anonymous comment on Boardistan, "...he is not in a coma he is responding to his neurological tests. Also as of this morning he is off the breathing tube."

Stay up gooner

In other bummer shred news, strong rumors are flying about Eesa closing up shop. Hope everything works out dudes.
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O.G. NYC Skate Legend Andy Kessler, RIP

details and more info HERE.

Legendary photog Glen E. Friedman had this to say on Andy-

"If skateboarding was a town, this guy was its mayor. Andy Kessler, one of the good ones, died yesterday apparently of a wasp sting that led to a heart attack. This was a great dude, NO ONE could say anything wrong about this dude. He was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, skater in New York City, holding it down, real since the 70's. Andy will be seriously missed by many including myself."


Holding it down at the Autumn Bowl-

RIP. What a strange way to go.
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Snowboarders on DRUGS!!

Danny Kass and Louie Vito caught up with a "Not Insignificant" amount of reefer in NZ.

Snowboard world recoils in collective horror, disappointment and shame. Oh no wait, snowboard world laughs and packs a bowl.
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