In case anyone doesn't know about this yet, some dj fellow by the name of Tom Caruana just put out a free album, mashing the Beatles with Wu-Tang. It is so many levels of awesome. Cop it HERE-

For a far more mediocre but somewhat listenable attempt at beatlemashing, check out The Grey Album. Jay Z's black album and the beatles white album, mashed by Danger Mouse.

If you somehow don't know about this yet, it is time.

This is my all time favorite mashup album. Old news, but I want to make sure everyone is on the same page here. Love this shit- Biggie and Sinatra, Blue Eyes meets Bedstuy. I swear to god this album never gets old. Do yourself a favor and get this shit into your ears asap. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that everyone has already heard all of these but I just wanted to put em all in one place for easy downloadin'. If you look around, there are a few more concept mashup albums, but most are not worth your precious time. If are bored enough, check out Gratefully D.E.A.D.(biggie and grateful dead), Jaydiohead (Radiohead and Jay Z), Viva la Hova (Jay Z and Coldplay. I didn't even waste my time with this shit. Just move on.), Beatallica(beatles and metallica mashup cover band) , The Slack Album (Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted x Jay Z) and of course, The Biggie Hendrix Experience (biggie and hendrix. duh.) I'm sure there are more out there but that is pretty much all i've heard about for full mashup concept albums.

And yeah, I know, your friend is a sweet DJ and does this awesome mashup song with linkin park and the jonas brothers, but my friend is better. Trust me. For some hot mashup fire, ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce Disc Jockey Extraordinaire, DJ ANUBUS. Check him out next time you are in brooklyn. Lots of freebies on his website too.


Feel free to let me know if I missed any.

Mos Def over dubstyle beats-

Beastie Boys mashed with... Beastie boys. Hmmm.-
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