Hippie Jump Hallelujah, etc...

New Richie Jackson footy from ipath. If you watch one skate thing today, make it be this. Trust me. The closer trick is potentially in the top 5 craziest stunts ever stunted on a skateboard.
For more next level super creative skating, check out the work of: Colin Fiske, Louie Barletta, Chris Haslem, Dave Vey, William Spencer, and Todd Falcon for starters.


-Here we have a police report detailing Shawn White's drunken shenanigans and subsequent charge of second degree criminal tampering at some mountain in CO.

-HERE is a sneak peek of the majority of Burton's 2010 line. Items of note: New "V Rocker" camber system introduced, a private stock R. Crumb artist collab and the uninc series gets dropped for new "Easy Livin" series, designed to integrate seamlessly with the rampant gypster uprising. No word on whether dreamcatcher or feather is included. In other related news, dropped and bitter Uninc riders (DCP, JP Solberg, Romain de Marchi) start "YES" snowboards, get SIA booth with stripper.

And here we have Brad Pitt making fun of Lakai/Girl pro Mike Carroll. Seriously.
Almost as good as when Owen Wilson "showed up" Mike Carroll in Yeah Right.

And here is a shitty viral ad for the shitty new GI joe movie. With skateboarding.
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