Thrashin Thursdays skate quicklinks

Skate Quick Links

-Old news but big brother magazine is coming back. It's about time.

-Dude gets drunk. Decides to carve THRASHER into his hand. Forgets the R. And once you have THASHER sliced into you, what option do you have but to take a belt sander to it?Breakdown and a picture of the aftermath

-Awesome collection of the most useless, clueless shitgimmickry ever invented to cash in on this hot new trend sweeping the nation!-thanks to Skateboardingsucks.com

-The Berrics-This website rules. Obviously.

-Fuck tha po-lice man. Get a Max Skate Bike

-in case anyone hasn't seen this yet-

Shaka bro
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  1. i need me some dave carnie in my life!


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