Slo Mo to the MAXXX

Who would have thought that all it takes to make pipe fun to watch is to make it way slower? 1000fps.

Hispeed camera snowboard contest from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

The potential this technology carries is staggering. Here is another example of people utilizing this beautiful machine to its fullest potential-
A bunch more slo mo madness here- here

How has no one used this for porn yet? In other snowboard video technology breakthroughs/gimmickry the first 3d snowboard movie in history is coming out courtesy of futuristic scanners Factor Films and lookin mighty sweet.

3D pre-teaser for Factor Films' "They Came From..." from snowbroader.eu on Vimeo.

In case anyone forgot their 3d glasses, here is an alternate 2D (Aka "soon to be old school") teaser. The casting looks excellent.

Factor Films teaser "They Came From..." from snowbroader.eu on Vimeo.

Thanks to high quality euro shred blog http://broblog.snowbroader.eu/ for the heads up on this development.

Speaking of gimmickry/retrofuturism, I present to you a snowboard deck that was sent back from the year A693L-D to destroy the reputation of anyone caught paying almost $2000 for one. Meet "The Whip"

PS.Goddamn it, I actually really want to ride that thing. This weird fucker not so much-

So lets say you took the your sweet sweet codaboard out for some hotlaps, trying to pick up some futurebabez and you happened catch an edge on a turbo double daffy twister spread 9000 and happened to break your neck and became paralyzed from the waist down. Would you really want to get back on board by bombing around the mountain superman style, head first with no real way to stop short of combining your face and a tree? If you answered yes, have I got an invention for you

surfs up doodz.

But I digress. Back to the subject at hand, novelty filmmaking technologies. I love em. Lets speak a moment on the topic of 3d movies. I am all for the comeback 3d is making in mainstream cinema. Don't let jonas brothers 3d taint your opinion of what could be a revolution in passive entertainment. Tim Burton is all over this shit and has like 3 3d movies coming out including a live action remake of alice in wonderland with Johnny Depp as the mad hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the red queen. Pass the large mushroom.

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