This will make your heart explode.

Over 13 red bulls worth of caffeine in 2 ounces. Literally pure liquid caffeine. It's only a matter of time before some young entrepreneur discovers this and makes a killing selling vials of this on the playground during 6th grade recess. Or before I start doing that.


Never one to be outdone, Red Bull Cola was found to contain trace amounts of cocaine. BEST PUBLICITY EVER. Your move purecaf. Coming soon, "Red Bull Energy Nose Powder"
Too strung out from snorting lines of dried up redbull cola to shut your jittery bloodshot energy eyes? Introducing "Drank:The Anti Energy Drink."
Slow your roll indeed.

*EDIT-"Health Canada issued a warning about Hardcore Energize Bullet liquid energy drink... The reason for the recall was because one vial was found to have been subject to tampering, Health Canada said...A utility knife blade was found in one vial of each product, the FDA said."
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