Essential Viewing round 1

For one week only, Pitchfork is hosting the classic gg allin documentary "HATED", full and uncut. Click and watch. Enjoy.


If you have never seen it, or have never heard of GG, watch it now and thank me later. While on the topic of bad ass music documentaries, do yourself a favor and watch Heavy Metal Parking Lot, another classic shot entirely in the parking lot of a judas priest concert, circa 1986. 16 minutes worth of tailgating, shotgunning, shittalking, babes, metal, mayhem and spandex. Glorious.

Also, Danzig wants to tell you about his books-

Oh yeah, also this-

RIP strange one
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Surfin USA

First ever rodeo on a surfboard. I suppose in this situation grabbing truckdriver is really your only option. Respect.

And a little older but still badass, surfboard kickflip

And sure, why not, a monster backflip on a jet ski. Happy summer.
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Great Moments in Drug Smuggling

"Mexico's navy has seized more than a ton of cocaine stuffed inside frozen sharks, as drug gangs under military pressure go to greater lengths to conceal narcotics bound for the United States."

Frozen Sharks. They were literally smuggling over a TON of Mexico's finest inside FROZEN SHARKS. When I was a wee lad I would perform various cryogenics experiments, using slugs, various insects, worms, and whatever else was readily accessible in or around my backyard and would fit into the freezer. The only thing that ever really survived were the wasps, and I eventually figured out through trial and error that after about 15-20 mins in the freezer, I would end up with a formerly savage and ferocious yellow jacket at my complete and total mercy for approximately 5 minutes, after which it would groggily begin twitching and then take flight and try to stab me in the eye. Turns out wasps do not give a good god damn about science.I had an unlimited supply of subjects, as our back porch had a severe infestation. My experimentations included occasionally tying floss around the abdomens and holding the string as they slowly awoke to realize that they had become my little captives. Holding a piece of floss tied around an angry P.O.W. wasp set on kill with nothing to lose is a great way to spend an evening. I taught myself how to remove the stingers and incapacitate the jaw while the wasps were still unconscious, the final product being an adorable harmless, domesticated pet wasp. Turns out they make great pets and are excellent for traumatizing my brother. The relevance of all this to Encyclopedia Jones and the Case of the Mexican Frozen Shark Smugglers, is this hypothetical scenario. Say, these sharks had not been previously killed, and were instead sedated and hastily stuffed to the gills with excessive amounts of high grade narcotics and then flash frozen and loaded on the ship. Say the refrigeration unit failed, during a storm, or because of faulty wiring or whatever else. The Sharks start to thaw. They groggily awake and start flopping about a bit. Then, they realize that they have been packed with more cocaine then five peak era Motley Crue's combined. Fuck snakes on a plane, this is STRUNG THE FUCK OUT MEXICAN SHARKS ON A BOAT.
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vroom vroom

"...the H1 triple with its hellacious two-cycle power curve. This custom monster boasts 48-cylinders, six crankshafts and six Jaguar E-type distributors."

Counterpoint- Louie Barletta breaks down his sweet ride. From the dearly missed ON video magazine RIP
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So hipster it hurts

I present the PBR Fixie.

(PS. Why is there not a bottle opener on that front piece? It seems like that would be the logical thing to do here.) And another...

Ahhh, Pabst Blue Ribbon. From the cradle

To the grave
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New Banksy show-

photo gallery HERE
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Something to think about

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Questionable Ideas, Part 1

Who knew crest spinbrushes could skate, in addition to making awesome prison style tattoo guns? I wanna party with this toothbrush.

And first and foremost, Iron Maiden cares about dental hygine. Eddie says "Brush your teeth kids!"

What's cooler then fingerboarding? digital fingerboarding.

That actually looks like it kind of rules.

Love biking, more then just a friend and want the world to know?

Red Bull's snowscrapers ain't got nothin on these.

Surfs up

Oh, didn't you hear about the oakley X lego collab?

Fear and Loathing, the home game!

Yo dawg, I heard you like skateboard trucks, so I put trucks in your trucks so you can skate while you skate

Gwar wheels
Fuck 20 inch rims, I want these motherfuckers.

or these

And he still manages to get the grab. Good form.

Tarantula trucks. Yep.
Chinstrap beard not included.
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Dino Jr still gets rad. or do they...

Psych- On deck we have black label's Kyle Leeper and some other dudes on BMX. Almost as good as this-

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Can't touch this Duh nuh nuh nuh
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Everyone loves a gimmick

Seriously though, these are fucking rad. Two examples of awesome concepts executed to perfection.

Click the link to check out the video of this thing in action. It rules.

RIP Rider Like a zip zinger but way more badass
This one, not so much

*EDIT- Another one-

I also remember seeing some kind of assault rifle, that had trucks slapped on and was skated in some thrasher bowl jam I believe.
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A questionable variation on a familiar theme

Introducing "streetboarding".

I am going to withold judgement on this until travis rice takes it to the megaramp. If this is what it takes for a double cork on a skateboard to happen, so be it.
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Loopity Loop

Throughout history, humans have wanted to make shit go around loops. But fuck history man, lets live in the now. Technology has allowed us to send shit around loops that our ancient ancestors could have only dreamed of in their wildest dinosaur meat induced food comas. Lets take a deeper look into this fascinating and retarded chapter of mankind.

The first time it was introduced to the mainstream, (rollercoasters, matchbox cars and twisty straws aside) was probably when bob burnquist started fucking around with one back when bam still had street cred and the x games were a joke. Bob did it first, he did it switch, he took the top off, he did it by pumping a full pipe,
he did it in on the sun, blah blah blah whatever. So basically, nose manny'ing it and doing it in a hand stand aside, its played to death as far as skateboarding is concerned. But has the rest of the world been sitting idly aside, living vicariously through Bob? Fuck no. Errr'bodys tryin to git sum.


I've been informed this was actually somewhere just outside of govy, but no conformation.

Sketchy backyard rollercoaster


Another car

waterslide (bogus)



That's probably enough for now. Other loops of interest that I couldn't track down include: Some dudes made a huge snow loop in an old straightjacket movie and someone looped it (Jeff Anderson maybe?) and then it collapsed on someone and they got pretty jacked up. I saw a video of a kid almost making it all the way around on a swing set but getting jacked up. Homer did one on a tricycle in the simpsons, I seen a froot booter do one I think, etc whatever. Fuck loops.

Things people still need to do with loopity loops: Run around one, rollerskates, razor scooter, pogo stick, make a loop that is just a rail and do it on soap shoes while being on fire and drinking mountain dew, etc.
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How to sell your soul for fun and profit

Tony Hawk has not one but two "bigspin" rollercoasters opening across the country. Also a "Tony Hawk's Halfpipe Waterslide" is already open.

Rollercoasters are the new video games apparently. Oh wait, he also has THIS coming out.

No word on whether it will be Skate 2 compatible. Regardless of how much it may or may not suck, it can't be worse then that piece of shit Shawn White wii game. Make monaymonay Make monay MoNAY

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