Questionable Ideas, Part 1

Who knew crest spinbrushes could skate, in addition to making awesome prison style tattoo guns? I wanna party with this toothbrush.

And first and foremost, Iron Maiden cares about dental hygine. Eddie says "Brush your teeth kids!"

What's cooler then fingerboarding? digital fingerboarding.

That actually looks like it kind of rules.

Love biking, more then just a friend and want the world to know?

Red Bull's snowscrapers ain't got nothin on these.

Surfs up

Oh, didn't you hear about the oakley X lego collab?

Fear and Loathing, the home game!

Yo dawg, I heard you like skateboard trucks, so I put trucks in your trucks so you can skate while you skate

Gwar wheels
Fuck 20 inch rims, I want these motherfuckers.

or these

And he still manages to get the grab. Good form.

Tarantula trucks. Yep.
Chinstrap beard not included.
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