Loopity Loop

Throughout history, humans have wanted to make shit go around loops. But fuck history man, lets live in the now. Technology has allowed us to send shit around loops that our ancient ancestors could have only dreamed of in their wildest dinosaur meat induced food comas. Lets take a deeper look into this fascinating and retarded chapter of mankind.

The first time it was introduced to the mainstream, (rollercoasters, matchbox cars and twisty straws aside) was probably when bob burnquist started fucking around with one back when bam still had street cred and the x games were a joke. Bob did it first, he did it switch, he took the top off, he did it by pumping a full pipe,
he did it in on the sun, blah blah blah whatever. So basically, nose manny'ing it and doing it in a hand stand aside, its played to death as far as skateboarding is concerned. But has the rest of the world been sitting idly aside, living vicariously through Bob? Fuck no. Errr'bodys tryin to git sum.


I've been informed this was actually somewhere just outside of govy, but no conformation.

Sketchy backyard rollercoaster


Another car

waterslide (bogus)



That's probably enough for now. Other loops of interest that I couldn't track down include: Some dudes made a huge snow loop in an old straightjacket movie and someone looped it (Jeff Anderson maybe?) and then it collapsed on someone and they got pretty jacked up. I saw a video of a kid almost making it all the way around on a swing set but getting jacked up. Homer did one on a tricycle in the simpsons, I seen a froot booter do one I think, etc whatever. Fuck loops.

Things people still need to do with loopity loops: Run around one, rollerskates, razor scooter, pogo stick, make a loop that is just a rail and do it on soap shoes while being on fire and drinking mountain dew, etc.
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