Randumbs, Vol. 1

Blogspot's photo formatting sucks and cuts off the edges so click on the pics to see them the right way.

Remember when punk was punk? Read the label on the tape.

Dream house

Portraits of the dead. Crazy article + pics.

Nightmares, in taxidermy form.

Some band releases new album with working theramin built into the case. So rad.

Best show ever?

sweet bong bro


Amstel Lite created a 10 person "Bar Bike". It rules.

Elvis's estate auction includes his doctors gun, semi full pillbottles, nasal douch, etc.

Remember mountainboarding?

Keep it on the downlow coolguy.

And in closing, I offer 210 of the greatest works of art ever put to skin. THIS is the tattoo hall of fame ladies and gentleman.
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