Bidding has ended.

Vintage Black Flag T shirt sells for $707.50 on ebay. Good on 'em.

"My name is Chuck Dukowski. I was the original Black Flag bassist and an SST Records owner until the end of 1989. I'm selling a bunch of my Records and music related memorabilia. This is a super rare BLACK FLAG "IN MY HEAD" COP tour t-shirt from 1986. It features the "'86 TOUR IN MY HEAD" back print and one of the 4 classic Ray Pettibon album art graphics on the front. (After the tour the back print was eliminated from the regular IN MY HEAD T-shirt sold by SST) The shirt is in very good condition but it's not new. The tag says it's an XL 100% cotton Hanes garment."

When I am an eccentric billionaire, this is the kind of shit I will buy.
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