4 way off genre but awesome covers of metal songs (and one shitty one)

-Enter Sandman, easy listening smooooth jazz style. With original vocals and concert footage.
(Hang in there 'til the vocals kick in)

-Rad chicks doin an acoustic danzig cover
(Devil Plaything)

-Reggae style Detroit Rock City. Suprisingly well done. Also with original vocals and concert footage.

-8 bit raining blood. Slayer VS nintendo.

-Sabbatum (not to be confused with fucking awesome power metal band Sabaton), a band that has a whole album of Black Sabbath covers played on medieval instruments and sung in Latin. It sucks.

Johnny Cash doing Danzig, and yes I know he covered "hurt" from NIN also but they suck so fuck them. He owns that shit now.

Tune in next week for awesome metal covers of way not metal songs.

ACDC old school jazz style "She Shook Me All Night Long"

War Pigs, by the flaming lips and cat power

Flaming Lips (ft. Cat Power) - War pigs
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