Knuckle draggin' buffet

The 3 best things I saw in the olympics-
1. Bud Keene, droppin' an f-bomb at what I would believe to be the most widely viewed 2 minute period of television in the entire world within the last 4 years.

2. Kazu's mctwist.

Not that one dummy.

Not that one either actually. Couldn't find a clip of the olympic one so that's as close as I could get. If you saw it you know what I'm talking about.

3.This story:
"Japanese snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo has been excluded from the opening cermony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The 21 year-old triggered a storm of criticism from the Japanese public when he appeared at Tokyo's Narita Airport sporting dreadlocks and low-slung trousers... It did not help Kokubo's case when he made light of the incident and said the Games were "nothing special" and "just another snowboarding event." Terje would be proud. PS-Dude is still keepin it real.

oh yeah and I guess some ginger won.

Speaking of mixing "athletics" and snowboarding
Snowboard dunk contest

Laptop snowboard. Some things would be better off left as stoned doodles.

The flying tomato himself was on colbert

Snowboarder gets stuck on lift, has to burn cash to stay alive.
pretty much the same thing as buying a lift ticket. Except with buying a lift ticket, you have to burn cash to get on the lift, to keep your soul alive. Shaka bro.

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